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DBA Oracle Sr Vacante para New Jersey

en Lic. Angélica Sepúlveda en Ciudad de México, D.F.

Tiempo-Completo No. De Vacantes: 2

Experiencia(No. de años): 6 años

Perfil Profesional:

Ingeniero en sistemas
Lic. en informática
Carreras afines

• Requerimientos Técnicos Particulares:

L2 Support Tasks:

•Implement database design, migration and recovery standards
•Replication design and setup
•Database consolidation
•Database security implementation
•Problem management
•Backup and recovery solutions
•DB Patching -plan & implement
•Proactive Tuning
•Enforce & ensure adherence to all database processes, procedures and standards, including SOX, Security, and Compliance processes.

Database Performance:

•Database performance tuning on shared and dedicated servers
•Tuning - proactive/reactive (Examples: Query, Scalability, Batch process, Capacity)
•Establish performance baselines used for SLA metrics

Compliance (IAPP, SOX, GxP):

•Review compliance dashboards/reports and remediate violations.
oEnsure accounts are created using appropriate process
oAudit alert tickets
oPassword complexity & expiration/reset
oSecurity & setup configuration, including security profiles
oReview of audit logs for security violations/breaches
oTraining compliance
oIQ/OQ compliance
oMaintain communication evidence with Buyer’s business units regarding non-compliance in a central location
oProduce evidence of activities and compliance when requested by internal or external auditors. Includes collection of supporting data from the databases.

Shared Environment Administration:

•Ensure proper deployment & configuration
•Administer naming standards
•Ensure consistency across failover servers
•Set proactive patch and upgrade schedule
•Manage maintenance windows

Grid Control Administration:

•Deployment & configuration
•Ensure agents are active
•Monitoring templates
•Scheduled jobs
•Manage / clear alerts

RFS & Simple PRJ:

•Scoping: Agree with Buyer on the database-related requirements of the simple PRJ or RFS, including database version, server version, name, size, or any other necessary details.
•Planning: Agree with Buyer on timeline, individual tasks breakdown, window for individual tasks. Involve inter-dependent teams as seen fit by Buyer.
•Define and assign/execute tasks: Create Change Request (“CR”) and execute on the tasks.
•Verification: Verify for completion of the requests as per verification step agreed upon with Buyer.
•Closure: Closure upon successful implementation of the request, as determined by Buyer, or if Buyer indicates that the service can be deactivated.

Nivel: Avanzado en conocimientos técnicos.•

• Responsabilidades:

Proporcionar soporte de segundo nivel en sitio
Deben ser bilingües, ya que van a estar atendiendo clientes tanto de habla inglesa como hispana

Lic. Angélica Sepúlveda

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